Location: Global Warming and Solar Panels

Solar Panels offset Global Warming, but require power to be manufactured.

Early in the 21st century, scientists confirmed that some of the ice at the north and south poles wasn't acting normally. Satellite images confirmed not only an 'OZONE HOLE' but there was an alarming rate of melt off occuring annually during the summer. As the phenomenon was researched, the rise of the industrialized nations, their manufacturing, and the historical record of man could also be correlated with the rising temperature of the globe. Global mean surface temperature was rising from the 1920's onward, and the rate of the warming was in direct correlation to the burning of fossil fuels to power the industrialization.

There are 3 major contributors to the warming of the atmosphere identified by scientists.
* 1 Greenhouse gases
* 2 Aerosols and soot
* 3 Solar variation

There are other factors too, anthropogenic, warming, plate techtonics, and others. But the role of gases in our atmosphere, and the associated temperatures, are overwhelmingly supported by science.

As the world moved to respond to the scientific reality of global warming, many saw an ability to push their "SOCIAL" agenda. Taxes, cap and trade, and the limit of new oil production have all been explored in the early discussions of global warming. The international community came up with legislation, and the world even tried to comply. The Kyoto Protocol is the protocol the United Nations came up with as a Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC). The treaty was aimed at fighting global warming but many countries still can't sign on, as the lofty goal of "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system" would necessarily halt the economy as we know it.

However, this move to try and comply with the Kyoto protocols has absolutely aided in the research and development of solar power. Due to kyoto, the rationale to make fossil fues more expensive is absolutely "EN VOGUE." Politicians have no trouble raising taxes on many fossil fuels, and diverting a portion of those tax proceeds into the installation, manufacture, and research on new solar panels. Solar power production in Europe is now a sizeable percentage (albeit under 25%) of all power production. This production was made possible by the taxes and tariffs on fossil fuels. Solar panels, and the power generated, are simply cheaper than the oil, refinement, transportation, taxes, tariffs, and penalties for the usage of fossil fuels.

The United States instituted massive payouts from local, state, and federal governments over the last decade to encourage the installation of solar panels. Incentives have been available to municipalities, schools, homeowners, and business owners for 10 years. As a result, the solar power production in the United States is also growing at a rate not comparable to any other in history.

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