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The history of solar panels.

The history of the solar panels is one of start and stop. The electricity from the sun didn't come fast. Many electrical consumers of power who are looking into solar panels assume that the technology is "VERY NEW". However, solar power is only a "relatively" new power source, originally developed in the 1700's, with modern solar cells developed in labs in the 1950s.
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Today, the solar industry and is beginning to get the R & D dollars, euros, and yuan necessary to move the technology forward. However, there are only 5 reasons since the invention of the modern solar cell, that have even have development. Solar development, as part of the general energy sector, is not isolated from geopolitical economics, and as of yet, it just not economically viable. This site looks at 5 development catalysts we have seen in the development of solar power technology in recent history. This site looks at the historical reasons, both from the 20th and 21st century, that solar power continues to be pursued. Research will not allow products to keep the present limits in place, keeping the sun from powering our world is only a time discussion.

This site looks at the power generated from the sun, and pushed into the grid, or Photovoltaic Energy Production. We have the scientific quantification, measurement, and analysis ability to prove massive solar power hits the planet every day. We know that one acre of land receives roughly 3000 kw electrical equivolent in sunlight, or four thousand horse power! The sun, a nuclear powerered light source, is a tremendous source of power. Man just needs to improve the technology, ability to harness, and convert this power more efficiently. Then the decision to choose it's power will be both economically, and fundamentally the best available. Resulting in it's widespread and dependent usage.

Solar Power History 1000BC to 1920s
The Dawn of Solar Power, History 1920 to 1950
Photovoltaic Solar Power BIRTH 1958 Bell Telephone Labs
Development Catalyst #1 Oil Embargos of the 1970s and Expensive Energy for the 1st time!
Development Catalyst #2 Oil Dictatorships, and Worldwise Unrest begins in the 1990s.
Development Catalyst #3 Peak Oil --> Expensive Energy is a Coming Reality!
Development Catalyst #4 The Digital Age --> Per Capita Energy Consumption Skyrockets...
Development Catalyst #5 Global Warming, CO2 Emissions, and our Environment!

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